Backflow Prevention

Backflow Testing

Cantec Fire Alarms has certified technicians that can complete testing, repair, installation or replacement of backflow assembly devices. The Capital Regional District of Victoria B.C. mandates regular interval testing and inspection of backflow prevention devices to ensure proper operation, bylaw compliance and most importantly, community safety. During our Annual Fire Alarm inspections, we can ensure this testing gets completed to save you time and money, by not having to bring a separate contractor to your building. Our technicians are equipped with up to date, calibrated equipment following the recognized procedures outlined in the AWWA Canadian Cross Connection Control Manual.

Our technicians complete these forms electronically and promptly submit them to the local authority at the Capital REgional District. You will also receive a copy of this report along with your invoice and respective fire alarm annual inspection report. For a one stop shop, call Cantec Fire Alarms.

Testable Assemblies: Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly, Double Check Valve Assembly, Double Check Detector Assembly, Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly, Reduced Pressure Detector Assembly.

Non-Testable Devices: Air Gap Backflow Prevention, Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker, Hose Bibb Vacuum Breaker, Dual Check Valve.

Did you know?

Backflow prevention devices are installed in a variety of water line settings. While regulations for the testing backflow prevention devices vary per jurisdiction, the Capital Regional District prescribes the following intervals:

  1. Residential Irrigation Systems: Tested Tri-Annually (once every three years)
  2. All other Backflow Preventers: Annually